Gems: Neon Blue of Paraiba Tourmalines

The digging for gems is a complicated process, and sometimes it is not only a hard “jewellery” work. This discipline can look strange compare to the normal office work, even surroundings of the weapons during expeditions isn’t only to protect a team, but also the gems from a team. It is a dangerous work, therefore respectful diamond companies provide the information about the harmlessness of their sources, free from any conflicts or violence. Yet the digging expeditions can have no results at all. Searching for the new fields can be a decades of investments and useless work which brings nothing. But in the other case one can discover the unique gem which have never been seen by humans before. This is what happened to Heitor Dimas Barbosa in 1980s who found in Brazil – a beautiful sky-blue gem, named Paraiba Tourmaline.

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